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The García y Chico Foundation is a non for profit cultural organization.

It gathers the artistic works of Maria Luisa Chico Castro and José María García Gutiérrez: oil paintings, drawings, watercolors, prints, sculptures, etc., carried out mainly in Cuenca during the last half century; given the personal nature of the works, rather independent from the art world fashions and trends, they are removed from commercial circuits. Having studied together in the former School of Fine Arts of San Fernando, both artists have diverged in style, immersing on one side in abstract surrealism and on the other in landscape and still life, rooted in realism and impressionism. The work has a strong connection with Cuenca and its extraordinary natural environment:beyond mere place of execution, they are a constant source of inspiration and as such, one of the few aspects shared in the artistic visions of both artists. Not surprisingly, the exhibition center is located in an ancient farmer house in the old town, preserved and restored as a home-study until it was reformed for the present purpose. 


The Foundation's main goal is to preserve and exhibit the artistic and pedagogic body of work, as well as the library, of José María García Gutiérrez and María Luisa Chico de Castro.





The Foundation was established by deed in Cuenca, on April the 25th, 2013. It was entered in the Castilla LaMancha Register of Foundations of  the August 6, 2013 with the code: CU-0054.





The Board of Trustees is the body responsible for ensuring the achievement of the Foundation's purposes and its actions are subject to the Protectorate of Foundations of Castilla-LaMancha.



The Foundation headquarters, which also serve as an exhibition space for the works it preserves, are located at La Paz 15, 16001, CUENCA.



The Foundation's aim is to showcase the artwork it keeps. Find out more about dates, schedules and location by clicking here. 

Garcia y Chico Foundation

Tel: (+34) 969 21 23 94
Address: La paz nº 15

Cuenca, SPAIN 16001

© 2016 by Fundación García y Chico

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